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 Scoria Core

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PostSubject: Scoria Core   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:54 am


Burning Fiend
A monster in a constant state of conflagration, the Burning Fiend poses an interesting challenge: if you attempt to attack it or even get close to it, you will receive Fire damage. It also possesses very high resistance to Fire damage.

Oil Seller Oleg
Oil Seller Oleg carries an oil keg on his back which fuels the oil and fireballs that he throws at his opponents. Using a Fire attribute attack on the oil thrown by Oleg will inflict Explosion damage.
Soul Eater
With a very high Magic Defense, Soul Eater is known for casting a Mana Explosion that will consume the MP of anyone that attacks. It addition, it may also cast a Disenchantment that will cancel your Buffs.

Titan, Atlas, Goliath
Three giant artificial creatures will appear as the Boss in Scoria Core: Titan, Atlas, and Goliath. When the Goliath becomes weak, he will summon Adors and Soul Eaters. Atlas utilizes a net to trap its enemies, while Titan cancels an opponent’s Buff and stuns them with its fist when Super Armor is in effect.

pot head tip

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PostSubject: Re: Scoria Core   Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:33 pm

To beat the ghastly trio take them down in order of apperance as you met them along in the dungeon.

Meaning, when you are at the boss room, take down Goliath, Atlas then finally Titan.

This is due to Goliath randonmly summoning monsters when his HP is low, and if you ignore him too long and suddenly land a big hit on him, he'll summon nonetheless..

Atlas 2nd to his net being hard to deal with especially if you got Goliath still alive and has his summons out. If you get caught you're gonna die if Goliath and his summons haven't been dealt with. He also casts haste on himself when his health is low, but due the generally clumsy nature of the bosses he'll spend most of his time running up and down then actually doing damage. You can continue to go for the kill or move on to:

Titan is last due to his only real threat being that he cancelss your buffs, although this could turn to an advantage for you, where you buff and let him debuff you, while he does this, you can use a heavily damaging attack which have long start up times to put the hurt on him. Note, that only if you got the MP to spare of course.



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Scoria Core
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